Dental emergency ruining your trip? Our caring practice is right by LAX!


So you’re visiting Los Angeles and now you feel like your trip’s been ruined by an unexpected dental emergency?

Don’t worry, we understand the situation might feel overwhelming. You’re far from home and far from your usual dentist. But don’t let that stop you from getting immediate and excellent care! Dr. Raymont Johnson’s practice, Art of Dentistry, is just a quick hop down Century Boulevard from Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX.

Sometimes when people experience a dental emergency while travelling, they’re not sure if it’s serious enough to require immediate attention. 

Although getting the care you need now has definite benefits for your peace of mind and can relieve any discomfort you’re experiencing, some emergencies are more urgent than others.

Some patients find flying painful if they don’t receive dental care. Air pressure changes can intensify the pain of pre-existing dental problems. Air entering a crack, space, or cavity can expand with air pressure changes, causing you discomfort. If you’re already in pain and are concerned flying will make the situation worse, a visit to the dentist can be a wise decision.

In other situations getting immediate dental care is essential to avoid serious complications. A broken, cracked, or dislodged tooth requires immediate attention. Do NOT wait until you get home! If your tooth is broken or cracked, first rinse and then apply an ice pack or cool wet washcloth to reduce swelling. Then, arrange your dental visit right away.

With a dislodged tooth as well, an immediate response is key. The first 30 minutes are the most critical to saving your tooth. Hold your tooth in its socket or carry it with you to the dentist in a container with cold milk. Do not wash the tooth.

We understand a dental emergency in an unfamiliar town can feel alarming, but we’re here for you to make you comfortable and deliver the same excellent care we would deliver to a member of our own family.

We’re just down the road from LAX airport in Inglewood, a friendly and family oriented community. Dr. Johnson is a product of the community and Art of Dentistry has been a valued presence here for decades.

Call us now to arrange an appointment and enjoy the rest of your trip and your trip home.

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