Teeth and BBQ: Oral Hygiene During BBQ Season


July is National Grilling Month, which should not come as a shocker due to the 4th of July holiday and July’s great weather. In California, grilling and BBQ-ing weather normally lasts all Summer and into late Spring and early Fall. So let’s talk about grilled and BBQ-ed foods in relation to your oral and dental health.

Often at restaurants and social outings, grilled foods are passed off as being healthier then fried and traditional BBQ-ed foods. Overall, this is true. The lack of batter and lower levels of grease are healthier than marinated and fried foods. 

But grilled foods are still a comfort food for a reason. Grilled meats are still very high in saturated fats, high in cholesterol, and can just as easily get stuck in your teeth. So please remember to floss after all meals, especially after grilled or stringy meats.

But thankfully, there’s still a lot of ways to BBQ in style while keeping your oral hygiene and overall health in mind. Here was some ideas as provided by Web MD:

  1. Fruits and Veggies probably aren’t the first things to come to mind when thinking of BBQ. But not only is grilling them a great way to still get your necessary vitamins, but a pair very well with BBQ-ed meats, burgers and ka-bobs!
  2. Use leaner cuts of meat. Lean cuts of meat allow the meat to cook faster with less BBQ residue to stain your teeth. It also allows your teeth to work less hard while chewing your food.
  3. Using thinner cuts of meat might mean you want to use a marinade to add flavor. Avoiding sugary and thick marinades will be very helpful for your teeth. Making or purchasing low-fat or fat-free marinades will be even better for your mouth and body.
  4. As with any meal, make sure to floss afterwards. But especially after eating grilled and BBQ-ed foods. Such foods can often be chewy and get stuck between your teeth

In addition to making healthier choices for your teeth and overall health, there’s evidence that these changes can also help reduce the amount of possible cancer-causing chemicals produced by BBQ-ing.
No matter the precautions we follow when cooking, BBQ season can do a number on our oral health, so it’s important to see your dentist regularly over this great time. See Dr. Johnson today and book an appointment!

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